Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So much to catch up on!

I see it has been quite a while since I blogged and you wouldn't believe my life since then! I can hardly believe it myself, and I lived through it- or at least, survived it. I'll give the "thumbnails" now, and elaborate later as I "introspect" and try to make sense of it all. [ I invite feedback for any of my blogs, but especially encouragement or insight about these events.]

[1] Shortly after that last entry I sold my home.
[2] Now the process of that alone was harrowing as it involved taking mercy on a homeless Iraq war National Guard vet, an involved story that deserves more attention... but later, and bringing him in to live with me, and trying to help him bring his wife and step-son here from another state,while he in the meantime is suffering PTSD in a much bigger way than anyone else seems to realize. (Background: I put in 10 years myself, 4 Nat'l Guard, 6 yrs Army Reserves as a psych medic trained to identify and treat wartime stress- so I know of what I speak!)
[3] I financed the new homeowners myself, and used the small downpayment I got to purchase an R.V. (from Craig's list) with the intent of driving (for however long it would take, given my fibromayalgia) to Albuquerque where I planned to apply for low income housing and wait out the move-in date in the R.V. I didn't even get out of the driveway before it broke down. Now, I did my "due diligence" to the best of my ability under the circumstances, but I was down-right ripped off.
[4]Good thing I had also applied for housing in nearby Red Wing, mn, as a back-up plan, (and that is a story all its own) because the R.V. broke down 3 more times, and never made it out of the county. I lived in it broken down at the side of the rode and limped it to a campground, where we (me and my dog, Rizzo) stayed until the snow and cold made it impossible to stay in. I bought a new engine for the R.V. but then my mechanic got deathly ill and the weather too cold for him to work on it.
[5] For 2 more months I was homeless, sleeping from couch-to-couch (very bad for the ol' fibro), a short-but-too-long-time in a "friend's" guest room, and an occasional motel room,
until the housing in Red Wing had my opening. But wait!-ooops! - paperwork snafus and more delays.
[6] Also, during this time, I suffered numerous health problems which culminated in the diagnosis of a deadly, rarer-than-winning-the-lottery-thing called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, which I will have to deal with for the rest of my life.
[7] Finally got into my apartment (with deep gratitude to those who helped me move) where I had strong need and high hopes for settling in for and while and recovering from all that stress, and getting bak to doing my art. But n-o-0-O-O-0-0-o, the place is undergoing renovation, or "rehab", and even though I have been here for- has it really been!?? - 5 whole months, I still have not been able to unpack everything, and even had to repack almost everything back up that I had unpacked. I'll talk more later about all the destruction/construction noise, and the crazy alcoholic downstairs neighbor, and other stressors in this place, when I elaborate in the future.

To summarize for now, I will say that the only reason I am still alive and relatively sane is by the grace of the Holy Triune God, and the strong faith They are the author of in me. I have absolute faith that there is a divine purpose in all that has happened and now my job is to figure it out!

Signing off for now, Later Gator ~~~z----z--"< ...... The Mixie Pixie

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Dorthe said...

Hi dear, It seems we can not mail about private things om the MMM-message site, and we are asked to delete our messages,-I did so with mine, so you better do that too, that we are not asked to leave the group.I made a copy of the mail, and will answer you on the questions ,when reciewing your mail-adr. TAK (danish) thankyou

Have a lovely day.
Hugs Dorthe