Friday, August 15, 2008

Thank God for nice neighbors!

So I am finally feeling better after a couple days of being bedridden. Take it from me, fibromyalgia SUCKS! ~ big time. My hands have never hurt so bad as they did day before yesterday. I had white hot prickles so bad I could not even think about opening a medicine bottle, getting a drink of water, much less making my precious a.m. coffee, and I was in so much body pain that I couldn't get out of bed even if my hands weren't so dysfunctional. So called the neighbors who I have been getting to know, and asked for help. The husband, who happens to be a nurse/PCA type guy (I don't know exactly what) came over and opened my meds, brought me water, made coffee, asked if I needed anything to eat (-so thoughtful!-) and got my ice packs out of the freezer for my hands. Today I was still not well enough to drive to the pharmacy for my pain meds refill, so he drove over to get it for me. I am so very, very grateful. Now, I am the kind of person who easily does these kinds of things for others and then some and I don't think twice about it. To me it's just what you do. But I have learned there is a dearth of us in this world. My own family (7 siblings) has refused to lift a finger to help me, even though I have made some minor requests from the ones who live locally. And they never, ever, even once, called me to see how I am doing, much less offer help. It's not because we had a fight or falling out. That's just the way that they are - disconnected, and lacking in any compassion, or family values. I have belonged to several support groups over the years, and while I am glad for the meetings and what I learned from them, they were hardly willing/able to be of any help outside of the meeting room. I have a current Christian group of wonderful women which I attend when I can, but the group purpose is bible study, and I find that living out the Christian purpose is very challenging for them because we live in a culture that is so busy and demanding that it is difficult for anyone to find even an hour once per quarter to stop in and have coffee, chat, and pray. In fact, despite my repeated requests for anyone in the group to do so any time they can find for me, and I have said how much it would mean to me, no one has found any such time even once in the 5 years I have belonged to the group. Sooooo, to have been blessed with this wonderful caring family next to me touches my heart and my life deeply. I feel very blessed by them. They have each been taking turns mowing my (little) lawn for me, and always without being asked. I can't thank them enough, and I cannot pay them back. But I do acknowledge them and my gratitude, and I pray they will be blessed 100 times over in return.

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