Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The story that told itself

This Mixed Media Monday challenge gave me the motivation to complete a tryptic I started some time ago. It started as an assignment, but my muse seemed to have her own ideas, and took off in a different direction. I just went along for the (joy) ride. When I realized I was so far off track that it no longer met the requirement I abandoned it, almost finished. Even though no story was required for that assignment, a story did unfold as the piece formed, as if the storyinsisted on being told. And just for added fun, each panel has an interactive part!

Panel 1) We see a hand reaching for a beautiful golden pear (with real gold leafing!) but unable to grasp it, and we see a bird in the tree. By the look on his face and the throbbing heart we can tell he has fallen in love. [The interactive feature is the castle gate, which opens/closes]

Panel 2) See the bird looking in the window at the object of his desire? He can see that the princess has a plate of luscious fruit, but is pining for the pear on the tree outside her window. Notice her dinner guest! [The window opens on hinges]

Panel 3)
Now the bird is bringing the pear
to the princess, whom appears in the distant window. But how can he lift the relatively heavy fruit? If you turn the hurdy-gurdy crank you will hear the tune "Wind Beneath My Wings"!


~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

WOW Julia, fantastically beautiful, your guided tour adds so much. Love that it's interactive too!

I can only see one thing you could add to your post and that is a link to the Mixed Media Challenge blog.
Welcome to MMM, it's such a talented and fun bunch of artists!

Anni's Art said...

What a wonderful story and your book is so beautiful.

Yvonne van Kersen said...

Wow, what a very super and interesting piece. I love everything, the little details, the colors, the way you made it.

Sandy said...

OMG wow what a fantastic piece of art. Absolutely unique. Love all the details. Just perfect.

Anonymous said...

Julia, this is a fantastic piece! I'm so pleased you were inspired to finish it, and that we got to see it. Thanks for participating on Mixed Media Monday - and yes, you did everything right! Diane

Anonymous said...

Looks great!