Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mixed Media Monday "Tin Man ATC doll"

This is my entry to the Mixed Media Monday doll challenge. I love this challenge! There are so many creative possibilities, and I was trying to think of what to make when I realized the song "Tin Man" was stuck in my head, so I went with it. I had saved the top from a travel size dental floss container because it looked like a face to me. It was the perfect size for my project. A little paint on some bendy straws made great arms. It was fun rummaging around in all my metal bits. The cardstock was a metal print design, the gear "innards" are a varitey of stamped , punched, watch parts, brads, and metal washers. It is hard to get a good photo of it, but can you see that inside his heart locket is an image of Dorothy and one of Toto? All the parts fold in to a form a standard size ATC!


Anonymous said...

Julia, this is so clever and inventive! Love it! I'm going to add it to the sampler on the MMM page, so more people will get to see it! Diane

Anni's Art said...

Thanks for comment on my blog and kind word about my work, your tin man is so wonderful, looking through your blog I see that you also is a very creative lady, glad that you wrote to my.