Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving thanks this Thanksgiving

I have been doing several different journals, so I wonder if it is crazy to think about starting another one.  The thing is, I really belive in the power of giving thanks to lift us up, and a gratitude journal would help solidify it, you know? I mean, a prayer is evanescent, a journal is lasting. ( I wish I could show you the ASL sign for evanescent/evanescence. It expresses the concept beautifully!)  I have so much to be thankful for!  I give thanks every day for my adorable comapanion, Rizzo, and for my apartment.  I was homeless at this time last year.  I am thankful for my children, though I'm sad I won't be seeing them  for thanksgiving this year.  I am also very thankful for my new art friends, both virtual, and physical.  So this would be a good time to show off my Thanksgiving digital collage from my new Collage play group:

I have been tickled by the response I got from the group.  They got the humor of it, which I was worried about.  They seem like a very fun and talented group of people.  I think I will enjoy it as well as learn a lot.
My neighbor, Cyndi, has been playing stamping with me a lot lately, until she had her knee replacement surgery 10 days ago.  I have enjoyed meeting her family, too, and I am grateful I am invited to spend Thanksgiving with them.  They rented the community room here, so I can easily come home if I am not feeling well.  See my blog "the Sickie Pixie" for more about that (fibromyalgia,etc.)  Oh, that reminds me, I am also grateful for the new chiropractor I have started seeing who is also a knesiologist. He is very good, and I believe he will help me a lot.  I could go on and on.  (I might need to join On and On Anonymous-lol) but I'll save it

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