Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some silliness and some seriousness

I am enjoying the connection I have found with other artists in the Crowabout Collage play group.  I wish I knew how to add their "button" on my blog, but I am not that advanced. (If you read this please leave directions in comments, if you know how to do this.) But I can upload my recent digital collage done with elements provided by our esteemed moderator, Nancy Beaumiller, who generously provides her time and materials to this endeavor.  So here it is:

I know it's silly, and the pun is just too easy, but I was inspired by various elements on the collage sheets and I just couldn't stop myself.  I did have fun.

But I am not all foolishness and nonsense these days.  I am feeling the holiday spirit coming on, and I have always enjoyed this time so much.  But I am really feeling the empty nest syndrome this year.  Last year I was distracted from it by living in a hotel and helping the community deal with a nearby apartment fire that left hundreds homeless and without Christmas gifts.  I cannot count on another fire to rescue me this year, so I am choosing to face it.  That means a lot of tears. Some are sad tears.  I am just plain missing  motherhood, and the joy of making this season bright and joyful for my kids.  Even if they were here, it of course, would not be the same. It never will be again.  That is as it must be.  And I am sad, as I must be.  There are also tears of tender joy for beautiful memories of times past, that I do savor, and I hope my children do, too.  I think I feel an emptiness about the old traditions that don't mean anything without them to share it with, such as putting up a big tree covered with brightly colored ornaments collected over the years. We would talk about our memories of the various ones, and our favorites, etc.  Each child had his or her own ornaments that only they were allowed to put on the tree. Those have now been relegated to the adult owners, whom I hope carry on in the same way.  I am working on figuring out ways of celebrating that will be meaningful for me by myself.  I am open to suggestions in comments, too.  I know I am a cliche', as all the mothers in history have had this same issue to deal with (except those who lost their's too soon, and my heart goes out to them). It is such a bittersweet thing, these memories of Christmas Past.  I cherish them for a little time, and then I move on....

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