Sunday, April 11, 2010

One more done, One to go

Here is the 5th of six post cards for the ARTchix swap. It doesn't look as pretty as in real life because the gold ink didn't scan very well. Whew! it feels like it was a big assignment.   I am also working on my page for the Love collaborative book project, which I hope to have done soon. AND I have the ATC for the Pick 3 Colors ARTchix biweekly lottery challenge to do.  Why am I having such a hard time with that one? I think it's because I don't have a favorite 3-color-combo (that I am aware of) and there are so many possibilities out there in terms of classic combos that I do like, such as the primaries -Red, yellow, blue  (and beautiful variations thereof) or black, white, and red, or tan, or gold.... Purple keeps jumping into my mind, with gold. But I can't think of a 3rd color I like, though there's always white or black. I am not a Vikings fan.  I am a fan of purple.  But even with the colors in mind, no particular idea has come to mind for the imagery.  Well, I will have to give that some more thought. I will have to go through my ARTchix product sheets and see what jumps out at me, or inspires me.  The new ones Helga just added toher shop are intriguing. Hmmm, aybe I'll go do some shopping..... Later Gator! ~~~z---z --"<

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Michelle said...

You are one busy lady! But your work is fantastic!

I also joined the flickr group and had some fun doing digital collage!