Friday, April 9, 2010

Postcard Swap

These are 4 finished postcards (2 more to come) for a swap I'm participating in. Each one has elements from 3 ARTchix Studio collage sheets: Green World, Pink World, and Share Happiness Create Art.  At the end of the swap I will have 6 cards all from different artists, and 6 other artists will have 1 from me.  I have looked around the group's various sites and there are a lot of awesome looking cards out there. I hope mine live up to group standards!  Recently I won the Biweekly ATC lottery and received about 21 (I lost count) beautiful, wonderful, fabulous ATC's in the mail. Not only that, but everyone was so generous to include lots of sweet little freebies for future ATC making. This event happened right before my birthday, so I like to think wining that lottery was the universe's way of saying "Happy Birthday, Mixie!"  If you need further proof of that, then consider this: it was my very first time entering the lottery! Now that is "lucky". I call it blessed.

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Michelle said...

Isn't it cool how even with the same elements people come up with totally different ideas? I love seeing other peoples creativity! They are all lovely!