Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I actually like some of my recent artwork

Most often when I make art I am not satisfied with the final results. There's usually something that didn't end up capturing whatever I was going for.  I am proud to post a few new works that actually feel right. It gives me that tickle in the tummy, and a sort of sense of wonder as in, "Did that actually come from me?" (I feel that way every time I look at it later, too.)  I suspect it is much like the way an athlete feels when they reach a new level of success or break a previous personal barrier. You don't have to win a gold medal to feel good about those kinds of accomplishments. So here they are:
This is an ATC I did for a "lottery" with my ARTchix Playgroup on Flickr. The theme was "Mary", and I made up the limmerick easily, out of the blue, more as if it was given to me. I like to think my muse was my father, who shared an appreciation for limmericks when I was a child. The image is from ARTchix Studio, I stamped the background, and added an elegantly understated touch of glitter. ( It looks better in real life than the 'puter image.)
Also, FYI, you can click on any image to get a look at a larger size/ more detail.

This is a 2 page journal spread that I like.
and here is another from a larger journal that had to be scanned separately:

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