Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Over the slump...

I am so easy to please, and perhaps too easily pleased with myself (grin).  It was so gratifying to get responses to my last couple posts. (Thank you!) It broke me out of my bubble. In my search for connection I came across a new website I hope you will check out called the House of Art, ( link HERE) where artists can talk about art- techniques, frustrations (like artists block, isolation,etc.) and anything else art related.  Sounds like a good place for me, right? I think so. I left an introduction, and a post in the forum, and I intend to visit every day for a while, and see how it goes.  I am very excited about this idea and give props to the industrious and initiativeous (there, I made up a new word in honor of your efforts!) Emme and Melisse who envisioned it and are running it.  Kudos to you!
Also, I finally managed to produce some art, thus ending my dry spell.  (click on it to see full size)  As it says, part of the reason was the common artist pitfall of putting pressure on myself to come up with something amazing - to be attractive, unique, clever, meaningful, desirable, ...I'm sure  you get the picture. In addition to that, I am feeling a strong desire to develop my own distinctive look. I've been suffering from artistic envy. It's fine to admire, but I end up feeling worse about myself. Now that's not good for our creative spark, is it? So, I see other things I like and I emulate because it "speaks to me", but it is just my spin on someone else's idea. I am sure many will recognize the influences on the journal page below. I am pleased with it, even tho it's not my own signature look:

Some images are  bits from magazines (I especially like the moldy bread skirt, which seems metaphorically appropriate to me! tee-he) Most of the images and border elements, text, etc. are thanks to Nancy Beaumiller of Crowabout Studio.
And now, since I was up literally all night and all day, it is time to go get some sleep. BTW- I noticed I am more creative late at night, as if my brain's right side (the art side) doesn't function well when my left side is active during the daytime, when I must think about bills, housekeeping, and managing my health.  Maybe the next time I am feeling stymied, I should just try staying up late. Of course, there is a price to pay, but I feel it is worth it for my art.


Meliss said...

Thanks for putting the link up for the house. And I'm glad you're feeling better and were able to produce such a beautiful journal page. I love the heart in the top corner.

That's one of the reasons that I
don't look at other people's work. I usually end up coming away feeling bad as well.


Starr said...

Greetings Mixie Pixie!
I found your link at the House of Art so I thought I'd pop in for a visit to your FABULOUS, encouraging blog. Wow! I love your work and am glad to hear you are out of your dry spell=). I love this spread; the colors, your handwriting, the border, everything. It's fabulous eye-candy! Thanks for sharing!I completely understand about the comparisons and not feeling good enough. I quit blogging for awhile because of it. I had to create on my own for ahwile and I did feel better after my little sabbatical.

I lived in Minn-ah-sotahhh for five years. I was made fun of for my accent for years when I first moved to Colorado. It's fabulous to meet another Midwesterner.

Great to meet you and keep up the darling works of art!

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Great journal page, love lve love the sentiment and fabulous colours too. I totally understand the comparisons but you should create your art for your pleasure and if you inspire others along the way then great and this piece is inspirational. Tracy Evans x

Nia said...

Hallo Mixie Pixie,
Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! I have been cheered up by it no end after having a bad day. I recently joined Wild Precious Studio which I found through the House of Art and I have never come across such a lovely lot of people in my whole life!! I have blogged off and on for many years, but gave up 'cos no-one took any notice of me. But since joining HOA, I have 'met' so many brilliant people and gained a follower or two. I can't tell you how good that makes me feel. I loved your journal/art spread, the colours really pop out. Hope to speak again soon...
Best wishes,

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and really thank you for the comment about teachers...sorry to hear you are sick...I met another friend online Cara in TX who also is sick...I've known her for several years and yes, she has her down days..I hope things start to look up for you...