Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thanks to Some and Congratulations to Me!

See this "button"? Congratulate me! That means I learned how to do this simple-for-others-but-not-for-me blogging trick.  Thanks to Melisse, and Jill, who left comments for me, and Look In the Nook, who happened to post the most timely blog post. It is almost too coincidental to be a coincidence! That's when I call it a miracle, answer to a prayer, or serendipity.  This button takes you to a site where there is a video for Blogger instructions and demonstrations. Now why "Blogger" doesn't call it a "button" on their list of features we can add to our blogs, when everyone else in the blogosphere calls it that, I can only guess. (My guess is, it's run by computer geeks who don't relate to how us non-geeks think -- tee hee).  I also was able to figure out how to add the blogs I follow to the side bar, and how to make comments show in a pop-up window, and how to add links to the side bar. WOW! That is a lot to learn in one day! My brain is fried!!!  Of course, "the proof is in the pudding" as they say. So here goes: I am about to push the "publish" button, and find out if I really learned it, or if I am just a numpty! < my new fav word- see previous post

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thekathrynwheel said...

Well congratulations to you! I am a little tecnologically challenged as well! Starting and running a blog is a steep learning curve but it brings us all a lot of fun :-)