Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trying to Connect

I am having so much fun running around "blogsville" and meeting new artists, and maybe making new friends through this OWOH (One World One heart) event that I happened upon. (thank you Marcia!) So maybe if you're reading this it's because I commented on your blogsite.  I am afraid mine is not as fabulous or inspiring as the ones I've seen out there, and I am not totally up on the etiquette of this event. I am not sure if I am required to host a giveaway.  I don't know what I would give, but I can figure out something, b-cuz I have a gazillion art projects I have finished and never knew what to do with, but thought maybe - some day - i will put them in my ETSY shop, which I only just this week started up again, after a couple year's break.  So, do leave in my comments whatever you know about this event.  I am sad to hear this is probably the last year, when I am only just catching on.
Also, pleeeez, somebody! - tell me where to go or how to find out how to do all the cool things I see on other blogsites, such as how to put things on the side (is that what "buttons are?") like where some blogs have other blogs linked, and their other sites linked, such as etsy shop, etc. I don't have a clue how to do this. I need a class or a tutor!!! I hate trying to figure this technical stuff out on my own, It often leaves me in tears!  Honestly, I think I'd rather "make love" with a cheese grater than try to figure it out by myself!!!  Maybe I need a visit from the "Good Blogger Fairy" ! (Please, God, tell me there is such a thing!")
One of the reasons I chose this town to live in is that I heard there is such a good "arts community" here. Well, if there is, they hide out very well, and have managed to be quite exclusive (as in, excluding me!).  It is the deepest desire of my heart to connect with at least one other artist friend- to talk about this stuff with, to talk about art and life with, to be motivated by, and motivating to. It is why I have participated in swaps up the wazoo, and round-robins, etc.  But after 2 years, I haven't figured out how to find anyone who isn't just plain too busy to connect.  I get it that these things can't be forced, and need to "just happen" and for that to take place one needs to keep reaching out. But really, two years???!!! So I am thinking it might be as simple as it was in first grade, and I am asking you who are reading this: do you wanna be my friend? (:


Jill said...

Try dashboard, then the design tab, and add gadgets - a bit of trial and error needed, but there are lots of bits you can add.
Glad you liked the calendar - it is a good way of doing a little bit of art when you don't feel like anything else.

Meliss said...

To answer your question.


email me at


ps: I can help you with your blog too.