Friday, February 25, 2011

When the Universe Smiles on You...

Recently I was very sick and even made a trip to the e.r.  The day before I went and found out I have "asthmatic bronchitis" I dragged myself out of bed, wishing ever-so-much that I had a manservant to bring me coffee, and poured my own cup, added my lactose free whole milk (in place of cream) and the carton felt like it weighed 5 lbs. I was feeling very sorry for myself, and picked up my spoon to stir it... and cracked up! I just stood there shaking my head, laughing, because look at what I saw:

Honestly! I did not do this!!! I took it as a sign that even tho I was feeling lousy, and life did not endow me with wealth enough for a morning coffee servant, the Universe still loves me anyway!

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