Friday, March 11, 2011


That's a new word I made up yesterday to describe the kind of day I had! I don't know what image I will come up with to represent that on my art journaling calendar, which I am doing for the Art Calendar 2011 challenge on Flickr. Some very talented artists are doing it, and I admire their entries. I aspire to make pages I like as much as I do theirs.

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So, "unpheavalous": it makes me think of my daughter and miss her. She and I used to make up words and mentally put them in Our Family Dictionary of Made-up Words, which existed in our mindsShe has a gift for language and enjoys word play, as do I, and so did my parents, especially my father. So does my youngest son. My daughter just seems to "go there" more than he does. I remember dinners with my younger 2 - laughing 'til we had tears, and were trying not to spit out our food. One would play off something another had said, and it would grow from there. What fun! - And talent! I wish my daughter would agree to publish her poetry. It's not just a proud mom who thinks she is gifted. Her high school English teacher wrote on her poetry project "This is the best poetry I have ever seen written by a student - or maybe ever". Ever???!!! -WOW! This is a person who has studied Shakespear, and all "the greats", saying that!  I cannot she is one of the greats because I would not know. But it seems she has great potential. We have encouraged her to enter it in poetry contests and magazines, but she just feels too vulnerable and exposed by having it put "out there".  I am honored that she even let me see it.  Anyway, I wish I had actually kept a list of our words, because my memory has not held on to them. I hope hers has. I hope we will discuss it some day, and I will then add this one to our family dictionary.  As for the kind of day it was, life presented some challenges to deal with, and I feel good about how I met them.  Some days are just like that, and I no longer get bent out of shape about it as I did when I was younger, thanks to my Higher Power.

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