Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Okay, I just wasted 45 minutes on "live chat" regarding an account I cancelled a year ago!!!! I used the device less than 48 hours!  It sucked BIG TIME"  So I cancelled my account, but they failed to tell me that you have to do a separate cancellation of the auto-renew feature. Wouldn't you expect that when you cancel an account all activity related to it would cease?  Or if not, they would tell you?  But no-o-o-o-o not scammers like this company. They just keep charging you, maybe hoping you won't notice, so that they keep getting money for absolutley NOTHING!  But then, if you do happen to catch it, they will give you the stonewalling, runaround kind of crap we have all, sadly, come to expect from "customer service". I just kept "hanging up" and trying back 'til I found someone who could understand English and make sense. That took 4 tries!!! One guy was walking me through the cancellation process, which I did, and then when he saw I had finished it he got all sarcastic on me, asking when I was going to tell him I was done doing it, or was I hoping to surprise him? WHAT!!!!!  I told him he's a jerk, and wanted to speak to a supervisor.  He said he is the supervisor. So I tried again.   I saw warnings all over the internet about this company, and deeply regret I didn't listen.  Please learn from my mistake, and save yourself the insanity.

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