Monday, May 30, 2011

A Collage Completed

This is a collage I recently finished. It is full of symbolic imagery, inspiring quotes, and whimsey. It would be perfect for an office or child's room, or even a family room, and can be arranged in different configurations.  It sat partially done for a long time. I felt it needed something more, but I felt stymied. Does that ever happen to you?  Then I got these spinner hands for card-making and inspiration hit me. Soon I was adding all kinds of metal embellishments. You can find the spinner on the largest (main) piece, on the compass image.  Sometimes that's how I would like to travel. Spin the hands and then set off in that direction!  I am pleased with how it worked out.  I hope someone will like it well enough to buy it once I upload it to my Etsy shop (along with a bunch of other stuff I need to get pictures of ).

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