Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blissful "Work": Journal Pages and backgrounds

I spent some happy hours in the sunshine this weekend  outside at my local Caribou coffee - painting away, sipping iced coffee, and listening to the birds, with my furry companion laying at my feet. It was so blissful! I came home happy but so very painful. It's the price I must pay, but some days it's worth it.  I have been a long-time admirer of Kate Crane of "The Katheryn Wheel" blog, and the amazing journal pages she makes. I just love doing backgrounds (I find it very therapeutic), and I have tried to emulate hers, but just feel something's missing.  She's in the U.K. so her classes aren't accessible to me. Fortunately, she just released new dvd's revealing her secrets, and I must have them!  I have my fingers crossed that I will be the lucky winner of her giveaway, cuz it will be a while before I can fit it into my disability-income budget. So here is some of my accomplishment: (click on pics to see larger image/details)

This quote is borrowed from Marsha Salyer-Jorgenson of Tumble Fish Studio

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