Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Been sick, but getting better.

I had made a New Year's resolution to ramp up my healthcare efforts to take better care of me. So I made a ton of doctor appts, and then proceeded to get very sick (respiratory, sinus, ears, throat, etc). Only now - 9 weeks later - do I feel close to "normal" - my normal sick/painful state.  I am DETERMINED to get better!!!!  I will be seen at Mayo as soon as I call them back to set the appt.  That's for the undiagnosed mytery disease which has my SED rate (inflammation in the blood) "crazy high", to quote my doctor. We rechecked it thinking it went down, and instead it had gone up.( I've already checked out negative for arthritis.) Also, I am awaiting biopsy results on the mole taken from my foot (5 stitches!). That appt for is tomorrow. If it is positive for melanoma it may explain why I have been so sick, and we'll need to see if it has metastasized. I am not concerned about that. I'll deal with it if necessary. What's the worst that can happen? I die, go to heaven, no more pain! Actually, the worst would be going thru all these appts and tests and not finding out what's wrong!  I have an Orthotics appt to make inserts to correct my "pronation" which will hopefully resolve lots of foot and low back pain. My hand pain is gawd-aweful so the neck/back dr. wants me to schedule another "nerve conduction study" because it may be resulting from my neck injuries.  I had this done twice before - one on each arm/hand when my carpal tunnels were done.  It's like Nazi torture, where they shoot electrical pain impulses through your nerves and measure how long it takes to run from one end to the other.  I never drink, but I just might have to get drunk to face THAT again!!!!  

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