Thursday, May 16, 2013

You Really Want to Know "21 Secrets"

Hello, friends.  I am finally back -- back from oblivion, in case you were wondering where I have been.  Apparently the move I made last September was harder on me than I thought it would be.  I have spent the winter mostly in bed recovering, but I am fortunate enough to have an adjustable bed, so much of that time was spent upright, at least. But I was in too much pain to be typing, or even thinking! -lol.   The point is, I am back in action and getting a lot of art made. I haven't gotten the laundry done, but hey, art is a lot more fulfilling.

I have been enjoying the "21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop". It is an amazing deal! It's for anyone interested in visual art of any  kind, or journaling - you don't have to be an artist. There are 21 different classes many taught by well known artists.(I found it through Terri Kahr's blog thru Google connect - thanks Terri!)  It is on sale for $59, which gives you access 24/7 to all  21 classes until January 1st, 2014. Even this "starving artist" could afford that!  Here is the link if you care to check it out:

The first class I took was Terri's awesome "I Have A Secret", but with my inkjet printer on the fritz, and my new (used) laser printer waiting to be set up, I do not have a sample to show off. Next I did the fabulous Watercolor Playground class with Tammy Garcia of Yellow Daisy. It's a great class for the absolute beginner like me, and so much fun. I am addicted! The first 2 pics are from that class. The 2nd two are from Doodle Your Way by Cathy Bluteau. I love doing this, too.  It's a mixture of collage and design work. The last pic is one I did on an envelope and sent to my Mom for Mother's day. I am also just beginning and online visual journaling class with Juliana Coles. The point of this class is not to make good art, but to use the process she teaches for personal growth/ internal excavation.  I am VERY excited to be doing this class as I have had my eye on her classes for a long time, but money was always an issue. I really feel drawn to this, and I think my Higher Power knows I will uncover something important there. If you want to look into her classes look up Juliana Coles or "Me and Pete productions".  


John Bell said...

Desiderata for Century 21

Go with peace and confidence and live your life to the maximum,
Always remember that your presence touches other people’s lives.
Wherever you can, within your contact with others,
Be cheerful and on friendly terms with everyone.
Say what you have to say quietly and truthfully,
And don’t forget to let others voice their views.
You may not like or agree with what they have to say,
But they too are entitled to express their opinions.

Try to avoid selfish, self centred, mean spirited people,
Because they can only cause you pain and anguish.
A person's Sex, Colour, Creed, Religion, Disability are unimportant,
Look beyond the superficial and at their true personality.
Try not to compare yourself with others or be envious of them,
You are unique and have your own place in the world.
Set yourself reasonable, achievable goals to work towards
and be happy and satisfied with the person you really are,

Try to find work that is satisfying, stimulating and rewarding,
Remembering monetary reward is not the most important thing.
Keep faith with your family, friends, colleagues and clients,
But remember a colleague or client is not necessarily a friend.
Exercise caution in what you tell others or share with them,
Words or actions can be misinterpreted or misrepresented.
Don’t let this blind you however to true friendship or relationship,
There are many people that deserve your attention and affection.

Always be yourself and seek out like minded people,
But learn to love yourself first, before searching for someone to love.
A soul mate is out there, seeking someone just like you,
It’s only a matter of time before you meet each other.
Respect yourself and others will learn to respect you too,
Instant gratification is shallow and has no lasting meaning.
Listen to others, especially those with experience of life,
They can help prevent you making mistakes they may have made.

I hope everything you wish for yourself comes true,
But remember, what you wish for may not always be good for you.
Try to learn the lessons that life teaches you,
And share your experiences and good fortune with others
Even with all the pain, trickery, and broken promises,
The world is a beautiful place and life is for living to the full.
Keep cheerful and positive,
Strive to be content and happy.

John Bell said...

Sorry posted this on the wrong post. Should have appeared on your post containing the Desiderata. Thought you might be interested in a 'new twist' on the same theme.