Monday, October 5, 2009

I am so-o-o-o jealous! The Art and Soul retreat just ended and I didn't get to go again this year!  I want to go so badly I almost spent my car money on that instead.  But really, I must get a car.  My "sentence" to live here in Red Wing, Mn, is almost up.  My one year lease is done Dec 31.  I have applied to Osseo Gardens assisted living. (and I meant to call them today, but didn't. There's always tomorrow, right?)  Anyway, I Google-mapped them just now, and checked out the distance to the nearest Barnes and Noble, and I am PSYCHED!  It is 4.4 miles away!  I can return to a lifestyle of sitting and sipping latte, while reading, sketching, and perusing the latest art mags.(while hyped up on my pain meds, and barely able to move.)  I am praying for this to work out, and can hardly wait to start packing! 

After all that works out I will start saving for the hope that I can go to Art and Soul next year,  It will be in Las Vegas: cheap airfare, expensive hote, plus kenneling my pooch. Meanwhile, I have been inspired by some of the art samples I saw for A&S classes, and I have been working on my own stuff. 

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