Sunday, October 3, 2010

I like the results. And here's how I do it. (a technique lesson)

  I have recently renewed my work with this technique, which is a variation on one that Misty Mawn presented in a magazine about 5 years ago. I am enjoying the results, and I have gotten very positive feedback on some of the older work that I recently posted on my Flickr site. Here's how I do it:  Start out with a sturdy substrate like a strong paper or better, like a heavy watercolor paper. This is a plastic coated playing card. First, a coat of gesso.  I like to randomly paint on texture medium, or, as on this one, glue on tissue paper and wrinkle it up slightly. Then stamp or glue on a picture of a face.The picture I used for this one is below. If using a magazine picture it is best to copy it unless you don't mind how fragile it is.   As you can see, the final product barely resembles the beginning image anyway, but it is a good jumping of point.  You can see I added color, re-oriented the shadows, and eyes.  For the body area I added several more strips of tissue paper. A bit turned over and caught, which fortuitously formed the collar of the blouse. That's part of the fun of this technique- watching what shows up of its own accord in the textures.  I use a lot of glazes along with acrylic paints- nothing fancy or expensive, just the bottled craft acrylics.  I am using the last of the bottled glaze paints on the planet (I think)  But I am prepared to mix my own when these run out.   I hope others try this and show me their results.  Have fun!

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